Branch Award 2007


Dianne Lask

Dianne Lask was presented with Toronto’s first RSCDS Branch Award at the Monthly Dance in November. It was awarded for her many contributions to the Toronto Association. Below, is a letter (edited) Dianne sent to Jane.

Dear Jane,

Many thanks for my Branch Award.

When I was first diagnosed with lung cancer, May 30, 2005, I asked May Macfarlane to devise a dance for me. She presented it to me the next day. Shortly thereafter, I attended one of her Tayside morning classes where we danced it for the first time. That July, at Trinity, Ian McHaffie had it on his programme.  It’s a dance I love, not only because of its name [Dianne’s Smile], but also for the formations, and, of course, its deviser.

I am so honoured to have been chosen for this award.

Two years ago, I had half a lung and four lymph nodes removed. Now the cancer has spread.

Most people think I’m silly dancing three nights a week and Sunday afternoons, but Scottish Country Dancing is my therapy.  I’m with people I love, doing what I want to do. It keeps me happy.

Thanks so much to the demo dancers, too.  You did a wonderful job.

. . . Dianne

Dianne is shown here (at right) with May Macfarlane in 2007.