Come Ceilidh with us!

Ceilidh dances are the fast-food, the burger & fries, of Scottish dance. Dances are easy and quick-fry. You DON’T need a partner. You DON’T have to dress fancy, or in a kilt. You DO need to dress cool, wear soft shoes, and be ready for a fun workout. All ages are welcome — especially kids!

Family Ceilidh and Pizza:

It was a great party. . . sorry if you missed it. More ceilidh events will be posted when they are confirmed.

The Commonwealth Ceilidh was the biggest celebration of Scottish Country Dancing the world has ever seen. More than 250 dance groups took part and it rippled around the globe from New Zealand, through to Hawaii. About 100 people participated in Toronto’s Ceilidh, ranging in age from 5 yrs to over 90. The 5-yr-old had to leave at the interval (past her bedtime). The nonagenarian stayed to the end, and danced in an inspiring demo of The Shepherd’s Crook. We had visitors from Oakville and Picton, Ontario; from Washington, from England, and from Russia.

The Rosedale kids performed two brilliant demos. Parents danced with their kids; grandparents danced with their grandchildren. People danced with complete strangers. Fair to say. . . Everyone had a great time — as is customary in Scottish Country Dancing.
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Below:  Four YouTube videos about the Commonwealth Ceilidh.

Toronto’s Commonwealth Ceilidh in 2.29 minutes.

The Shepherd’s Crook — Inspiring, not to be missed!

The Heid O’ The Brae — Rosedale youth.

Medley of 3 Dances Rosedale teens.

Family Ceilidh

Oct 15, 2016