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Different “classes” for different folks, and purposes. . .

These “Level 1” classes are led by RSCDS-accredited teachers. Over a 10 week term you learn steps, formations, and dances that equip you to joyfully participate in exuberant live-music events such as the Family Christmas Dance and the March Beginners’ Night dance.

Class semesters start in September and January.


Classes for Levels 2 and 3 help improve your dance skills and learn more elaborate formations. You also learn to “finesse” your dance technique.

It’s also a fun night out with great teachers and new and old friends.


There are more than 20 Social Groups affiliated with the Toronto Association. These clubs are all over town, and dance on different days and evenings. One typically pays at the door to dance. Fees range from $3 to $6, depending on the cost of the venue (rent is the prevailing existential reality!).

Social groups often have special events with live music, which naturally costs more.


“Ceilidh” is a Gaelic word for party. Ceilidh dances are simple and fun. Some are fast and furious; some are slow and easy. These are dances done at celebrations and weddings.

No experience is required – you get on-the-spot instruction, then off you go. . . birling, clapping, and heuching (a peculiar Scottish hoot expressive of exuberant fun — the cowboy equivalent would be Ye-haw!).

Ceilidhs can also be about performance: music, song, story-telling, dance demos, games. . .  whatever. But usually audience participation dance is a big part of the fun, too.


The Broadlands Community Centre in Don Mills is the venue for Sunday afternoon sessions led by teachers inspired to introduce a special theme — dances by a particular devisor, or different kinds of reels, or. . . whatever our talented and dedicated teachers come up with.


A workshop is a special day set aside for concentrated dance development as taught by star teachers, often from far away.

The Toronto Workshop each November is followed by a social dance to put what you learned into practice.

Some other workshops, in cities near and far, are weekend affairs, typically ending with a formal ball. These will be listed under What’s On Near and Far.


Summer Schools

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The Teachers’ Association of Canada annually holds a week-long summer school. It flits about the continent, year by year: east, west, north, south.
In 2018 it will be in Wisconsin.
Summer School at St Andrews, Scotland, is run by RSCDS headquarters for your choice of 4 weeks, staying in university residences well known to Prince William.
There’s a mid-February Winter School in Pitlochry, with a ball in the fairy-tale splendour of Blair Atholl Castle.
RSCDS New Zealand offers a popular “Summer” School, typically scheduled around the New Year.

Scottish Step Classes at Rosedale Presbyterian Church with teacher Alma Smith.

Scottish Step Dance is a hybrid, with elements of both Highland and Scottish country dance.

Classes are over for the season.  

Please contact Moira Korus at to let her know if you are interested in new classes. 
Moira:  416 924 9616