Demo Pool

Join us. . . We promise interesting times

We all enjoy Scottish Country Dancing and we want others to join with us in this marvellous cultural and athletic pursuit. One very good way to interest others is to dance at prominent community events. To show people how much fun this by being there, in the spotlight. In the past, the Demo team has appeared at events ranging from seniors' homes to the Granite Club; from outlying suburbs to Nathan Phillips Square one very chilly Tartan Day (picture at left).

    You don't have to be a brilliant dancer, just competent, and willing to attend a few practice sessions to thoroughly learn the demo dance repertoire. Often the dances you learn are choreographed variations on popular dances you will likely know, so you get to be a wee bit fancy, and the practice makes you a whole lot better as a dancer.

   We try to assign people to demonstrations in their own neighbourhood. We know folk have other things to do and can't always come out and though you may be on the team we know it's not always possible for you to participate at a specific time and place. That's why we need a fairly large pool of demo dancers, so we can make up sets according to everyone's convenience. You can always say, "No."

   It's great fun to be on the Demo team, and you get to some interesting events. It's a great way for us to "show the flag" and bring others into the wonderful world of Scottish Country Dancing.

   We danced at the Christmas Market in the Distillery District. We danced at City Hall. We danced at a Tartan Day Ceilidh at the Royal York. We even danced at a very exotic (perhaps bizarre is a better word) Celtic celebration of Lughnasa involving a lot of loud music, shrill moaning, and exuberant ceilidh dancing at the Tranzac Club. You just never know. . .

   Contact Demo Team Co-ordinator: Caroline Lenson   416.481-5724
Contact Caroline if you are interested in booking a demo.

2019-20 Demo Pool Practice Dates

All practices are Sunday afternoons, usually 2-4pm (exceptions noted),

Armour Heights CC:  2141 Avenue Road, Just south of 401 <map>

Parkway Forest CC:   55 Forest Manor Road <map>

  1. Sep  22    Armour Heights Community  Centre:  Activity Room

  2. Oct  20    Armour Heights  Community  Centre :   Activity Room

  3. Nov  17   Armour Heights  Community  Centre :   Activity Room

  4. Dec  8     Parkway  Forest  Community   Centre:    Dance Studio     

  5. Jan 5      Parkway  Forest  Community   Centre:    Dance Studio

  6. Jan 12    Parkway  Forest  Community   Centre:    Dance Studio

  7. Mar 1     Parkway  Forest  Community   Centre:    Dance Studio

  8. Apr 5     Parkway  Forest  Community   Centre:    Dance Studio

The Demo Pool welcomes interested dancers familiar with the basic formations. Contact: Caroline Lenson

Caroline Lenson

Nathan Phillips Square ~ photo by Rhonda Peebles