Useful Links


General SCD Links

  1. TAC - Teachers' Association (Canada)

  2. TAC Books (all the books you can imagine about Scottish Country Dancing).

  3. TAC Sound (All the recordings you need to do the dances you love)

  4. Scotch Mist (the best SCD band around!)

  5. Inter-City Scot

  6. The Strathspey Internet Newsgroup
    Send a message with the word subscribe in the Subject line to get on the list. Similarly, to get off the list, send a Subject of unsubscribe. A Subject of help will get you "help" instructions.

  7. MINICRIB (Charles Upton's Brief Scottish Country Dance Notes)

  8. Grand Chain The Scottish Dance Resource 

  9. Scottish Country Dance Dictionary: It’s not pretty, but it’s pretty darn useful! It has history, formations descriptions, briefs for thousands of dances (many with diagrams), and selected YouTube videos to demonstrate many dances.

Other useful links

  1. All Celtic Music (Scottish & Irish CDs and downloads)

  2. Electric Scotland (thousands of pages about Scotland and things Scottish)

  3. Scottish Studies Foundation, University of Guelph, History Dept.

  4. Rampant Scotland (A great resource for links to things Scottish)

  5. Music In Scotland - Possibly the world's greatest source of Scottish music. Here's where they keep the SCD music.

  6. St. Andrew's Society of Toronto (a charitable organisation, co-sponsors with the 48th Highlanders of the popular St. Andrew's Ball, held every year in late November at the Royal York hotel, Toronto)

  7. Scottish Tartans Authority the authoritative source on tartan and Highland dress. A one-stop shop for trade and public enquiries, for new tartan designs, for research students . . . for film makers . . . overseas buyers . . . staff training . . . education . . . dress etiquette . . . public speaking . . . TV and radio interviews, and a host of related professional and cultural services.

  8. Changing Gears - Advice and resources for those about to retire -- and how better to enjoy retirement than by Scottish country dancing?

  9. How to tie a bowtie

  10. History of bagpipes in theatre & dance A quick, interesting guide to the heritage of the pipes on stage and in dance (thanks to Zoë for this link).