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RSCDS Toronto is a volunteer-driven organization. Over the years, remarkable people have made valuable contributions to our organization, and to Scottish country dance in general.

Read about former winners of Branch Awards, Volunteer Awards, and Scroll of Honour on our VIP page.

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Archive copies of Set & Link, the RSCDS Toronto monthly newsletter, are available here for download, from 2005 to 2012.

Documents you may need

  1. Emergency-Procedures-protocols.pdf

  2. Volunteer-Award-Nomination-Form-2018-19.pdf

  3. Volunteer-Tracking-Form-2018-19.pdf

  4. Tickle-List-form.pdf


Procedures Manual
(proposed revisions)
At the AGM, Members will be asked to endorse changes to the Procedures Manual portion of the 2016 Yellow Book. To review those changes, download:

The Yellow Book (v.2016)
[click image to view/download]

RSCDS Toronto Association was legally incorporated in 2004, which required adoption by our membership of the following legal documents: 
• Legal Objects
• By-Laws
• Procedures Manual 

In addition to these documents, there is a detailed Operations Manual, providing Job Descriptions for each appointed position in the Association.  All these documents are compiled into what is affectionately known as “The Yellow Book" as shown above.  

In 2015, the Board updated The Yellow Book to reflect changes made to our organisation over the past few years.  This revised version is now completed and available to all of the membership by clicking on the image above.

The Yellow Book includes:
• Preface - including Legal Objects, the Governance Model, Annual Schedule and Organisational Structure
• By-Laws - no changes have been made since 2006
• Procedures Manual - outlining how the Association currently works, as ratified at the 2016 AGM

• Operations Manual - including updated Officer, Director, Committee and Convenor Responsibilities
• Appendices - including definitions and policies that guide Operations (the Appendices are still pending)

Tickle List Form

Download the Tickle-List-form.pdf.

Use this form to collect attendance and contact info at every demo, ceilidh, or similar outreach event and forward to Catherine MacLean.


These candidates passed their recent assessments:
Unit 2: 
Sue Batt, Tara Bolker, Kathryn Bralten, Halyna Sydorenko
Unit 3: 
Sue Batt, Tara Bolker, Kathyrn Lecocq, Halyna Sydorenko
Unit 5: 
Gordon Hayburn, Gavin Keachie
Gordon and Gavin are now fully certificated teachers.
Hearty congratulations to all candidates, as well as Jean Noble and Moira Korus for their wonderful guidance.



Demo Pool

Add a flavour of Scotland to your entertainment with Toronto Scottish Country Dance demo dancers:
• Enliven Burns suppers and concerts
• Celebrate St Andrew's Day

  1. We dance at concerts, festivals and multicultural events as well as in seniors' residences, schools, public halls, weddings and anniversaries.
    • Tartan Day, April 6: an opportunity to showcase the national dances of Scotland -- from elegant strathspeys to lively jigs and reels.
    • We can include ceilidh and audience participation dances.

  2. To book the Demo Team for an event, or make other inquiries, contact Caroline Lensen (416) 481-8950.

Join up and perform at many interesting events and locations. Info here.

Demo Pool practice dates.