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Membership is Easy

Membership Period: October 1st 2017 — September 30th 2018

Membership in RSCDS Toronto is about building and maintaining a community of Scottish Country Dancers where fun, fitness, and friendship prevail. (other benefits listed below)

An Adult Membership is just $68 (approx. $1.30 a week). A Joint Membership is just $126.

Youth Membership (18-25 yrs) is $43. Under 18s can be Members for $0.

Two ways to pay:

1. Use our popular online form:  Click here

    (Complete your membership and pay via PayPal, VISA, or MasterCard.)

2. Complete a paper form and mail it with a cheque:

Click the DOWNLOAD button to instantly obtain a form.
You can print this form and fill it in with a pen.

Membership benefits:

  1. Participation in Toronto Association events throughout the year including the Toronto Workshop, the Tartan Ball, 6 Monthly Dances, and Dancing In The Park — all with wonderful live music by famous, internationally respected Scottish dance bands.

  2. Discounts on Toronto Association events. As a Member, you save $6 on each Monthly Dance you attend, and get a $14 discount on the Toronto Workshop. 

  3. Toronto Members are automatically also Members of the global Royal Scottish Country Dance Society based in Edinburgh (estab.1923). You are part of the international Scottish Country Dance community and you have the opportunity to dance at RSCDS events, and with RSCDS affiliates, around the world [for example].

  4. Ten Toronto Association newsletters (Set&Link).  And, twice yearly, also included, you get Scottish Country Dancer — the beautiful global society magazine.

“The feeling that you are 
a part of something so big, 
and special, and floor-shaking never loses its magic!”
Membership to me means. . . Belonging
I wouldn’t feel honest if I took advantage of what RSCDS Toronto does for me, and all the hard work done by volunteers, if I was not a Member.

. . .Forbes Duncan:  16 years dancing at
Scarborough, Hillcrest, Glenview, Trinity, Erin Mills           

Send your completed form, or direct questions to:

Membership Director, Wayne Fraser (416) 465-3433

G. Wayne Fraser
871 Logan Avenue
Toronto, ON
Canada M4K 3E2

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The more Members confirmed by Oct 2017, the more votes Toronto has in ScotlandMembership-form.html