Rosedale Youth Group
Saturday morning dance classes for children & teens
The Rosedale Children’s Scottish Country Dance group holds classes at Rosedale Presbyterian Church, 129 Mount Pleasant Rd at South Drive <map>.   
New students, boys or girls, are always welcome. Come and enjoy social dancing, festivals, parties, special events and gala days.

Cost is $175, Sept to May. 
The only additional expense is the purchase of dance shoes (typically, ballet pumps, usually less than $100), or we can lend shoes if we have some that fit.
Wee Ones - age 4-8 yrs & parents:         9:00 -   9:30am
Intermediates - 8-12 yrs:    9:45 - 10:45am
Seniors (teens) - 12+:         10:30 - 11:45am

Contact Moira Korus: 647.378-5753

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We’ve been dancing since 1956

Rosedale Presbyterian Church, is a pleasant 5-minute walk north from Sherbourne station at 129 Mount Pleasant Rd at South Drive <map>.
(Drivers, enter from South Drive, which is 2 blocks North of Bloor, at the top end of Sherbourne, then west a bit.)

Danced around the world. . .

Scottish Country Dance has been enjoyed for more than 300 years and there are SCD groups and events around the world.

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once you have experienced the fun and self confidence it brings.

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