Social Dancing
for Millennials
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These classes prepare young adults for monthly dances on our annual programme,
with a big, happy crowd and live music.

Obviously, such joys remain a future prospect.

All over Europe and parts of Asia and South America, millennials are into Dancing Scottish! The video above shows Beginners’ Night in Paris – an old dance: The Triumph. As you can see, it’s a lot of fun (with an actual Arc de Triomphe).

You need to be fit, and quick on the uptake. You don’t need a partner – we change partners every dance. Dress cool, and wear soft shoes. You don’t need a kilt.

Just bring your best smile, and lots of good cheer.

And, once you know your formations, and can dance confidently, you can then dance with joyous controlled abandon--as they did recently in Oslo.


~  Millennials Classes (18-35yrs) are planned but not yet available ~

Thursday evenings  7:30 to 9:30pm

posted 30 Nov 2021

St Thomas's Anglican Church, 383 Huron Street M5S 2G5 <map>

$10/class ($8 for students) Info: Moira Korus