Social Dancing
for Millennials
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All over Europe and South America, millennials are getting into Dancing Scottish!

The video below is from Beginners’ Night in Paris – an old dance: The Triumph.

As you can see it’s fun, you need to be fit, and quick on the uptake.

You need to dress cool, and wear soft shoes.

You don’t need a partner (we change every dance). You don’t need a kilt.

Just bring your best smile and lots of good cheer.

Toronto Classes for Millennials will equip you to join our Xmas Dance, December 14 at beautiful Branksome Hall, with a big, happy crowd and live music.

Classes will put you in good shape to think of SpringFling2020 Toronto.
SpringFling is a international weekend of dance, organized by young people, for young people (with a parallel Spring Fringe for those over 35). Those attending can look forward to a fantastic weekend of dancing, socializing, and making friends. 

Come join the party!  Registration opens mid-October, with Early Bird prices. 

Flingers and Fringers both stay in residence at New College on the University of Toronto campus. There are joint Fling/Fringe events, and some evocative Harry-Potterish venues are booked for classes, on or near the UofT campus, and handy to transit.

Your Millennials Classes are also on the UofT campus:

St Thomas's Anglican Church, 383 Huron Street M5S 2G5 <map>

Oct. 24, 31;  Nov. 7, 14, 21, 28;  Dec. 5, 12

Thursday evenings  7:30 to 9:30 p.m.

Oct. 24, FREE!    Oct. 31 to Dec. 12:  $10/class ($8 for students)

Info: Moira Korus