Our Video Canon


An alphabetical listing of (mostly) Toronto dancers on video from 1987 to present

12 Coates Crescent

60 Years of Dancing Scottish in Toronto

Adieu Mon Ami

Aird of Coigach  Humbercrest dancers

Alan J Smith

Amhuinnsuidhe Castle

Anderson's Rant at 2015 Beginners’ Night

Angus MacKinnon’s Hornpipe

The Anniversary (medley)

The Anniversary (medley) 1987

Antarctica Bound

Argyll Strathspey

Argyll's Fancy x4

Argyll’s Fancy x4

Arthur's Seat

Autumn Leaves (Lataille)

Balgeddie Reel, 1987

The Barmkin

Bea's Delight (reprise)


The Bees of Maggieknockater

Beginner Classes in Toronto

Bill Clement MBE

The Birks of Invermay

Blooms of Bon Accord

Blooms of Bon Accord   2017 Zoomer Show

Blue Bonnets  (6/8 step dance)


Bonnie Anne

The Braes of Tulliemet

The Bramble Bush

Bratach Bana reprise

Braveheart  (Laldlaw)

Brig O’ Doon & etc.

Brochan Lom 8s32 strathspey

The Buckie Loon

Bye Bye Barbara

C'est si bon

Cabbages & Kings

Caller Herrin‘

A Calvin Welcome

Can-Do Ceilidh

Cape Breton Hornpipe

Cape Town Wedding x10

The Captain‘s House

Carisbrooke Castle

A Castle in the Air

The Castle Of Mey at 51st Tartan Ball

A Casual Briefing x2

The Cat & The Fiddle

Catch The Wind x4 at Youth Ball

Cats Paw x1

Ceilidh Dance at Skipinnish pub, Oban

Ceilidh Madness

Célébrations 2017

Ceol Na Mara + Oyster Girl

Chasing The Eclipse

The Chequered Court

The Cheshire Cat 

Chippy's Rant 3j32


Ciamar A Tha (How are you?)

Circassian Circle, Orkney Style

City of Belfast at 2012 Gala Day

City of Belfast, at Dancing In The Park 2019

The Colonel x2

Commonwealth Ceilidh in Toronto

The Countess of Dunmore's Reel reprise

The Countess of Dunmore‘s Reel x8


The Craigellachie Reel


Crossing The Line

Cullen Skink

The Cumberland Reel

Cumberland Reel  at Family Christmas Dance

The Cumbrae Reel

Cutty Sark

Cutty Sark

A Dance For Susi

Dancers' Wedding reprise

The Dancing Bees

The Dancing Bells

The Dancing Bells reprise

Dancing For Pleasure

Dark Lochnagar

De‘il Amang The Tailors reprise

Deer Friends

Deer Friends

Demo Pool - Gala Day Medley

Demo Pool: medley based on “1314'

The Dhoon

The Diamond Jubilee

The Diamond Jubilee  x2

Dianne Murdoch’s Promenade

Dianne's Smile

Domino Five

Double Trouble Triangles

Dr Robertson

The Dream Catcher

Duke of Perth at Calvin's 60th

Dublin Delights  Petronella group

The Dundee Whaler

The Dusty Miller (step dance)

Earl of Erroll (step dance)

The Edinburgh Castle Reel

The Edinburgh Castle Reel

The Edinburgh Toy Shop


Eighty, Not Out

The Elephant's Stampede

Eric‘s Reel

Erindale Jig

The Executive Reel

The Express

Fair Donald

Fairbridge Reel at Trinity

The Fairbridge Reel

The Falkirk Lass

Farewell To Benbecula

Farewell To Benbecula  Woodglen dancers

Farquharson Fifty

The Ferry Louper

The Ferry Louper

Festival Fling

Festival Interceltique  circle dance

Five Times Through, Thank You Bobby

The Flight of the Falcon

Flora Macdonald’s Fancy

The Flower of Glasgow

The Flower of Glasgow

Flowers of Edinburgh

Flowers of Edinburgh, Aussie Style

The Flying Scotsman (Thurston)

The Fyket

Galloway House

General Stuart's Reel

Geneva Park

Gentle Annie (once thru)

Georgie‘s Jig

Gibson’s Gallop

The Gilly Flower

Girardet House

Glasgow Country Dance

Glasgow Highlanders

Glastonbury Tor (reprise)

The Golden Gaels Reel

The Golden Years (Sutherland)

Good Hearted Glasgow

Granville Market

The Great Spirit's Voice

The Green Dragon

Green Light Moments

The Gypsy Thread

The Haar On Skye

The Haggis Tree

Hailin’ Harris

A Hamilton Ceilidh

The Happy Meeting

Happy Returns

The Hebridean Weaving Lilt  trad schottische

Here Comes Santa Claus

Highland Laddie (step dance)

The Highland Lass

The Highland Rambler

A Highland Welcome

The Highlands of Durham Strathspey

Hillcrest's Ruby Gem

Hillcrest's Ruby Gem (Gala Day 2016)

Hillcrest's Ruby Gem (at Hillcrest 40th)

Hooper's Jig

The Hunting Horn

Ice Crystals

The Immigrant Lass (step dance, St Andrews)

Intro to Scottish Country Dance


Inverneill House

It Wisnae Me

It‘s All Right

It's Nae Bother

It‘s Nae Bother

Itchy Feet

A January Welcome

Jessie's Hornpipe  2015 Tartan Ball

A Jig For Marcus

A Jig For Midge

A Jig for Mrs Dunn

Jig To The Music

Joe MacDiarmid‘s Jig

John McAIpin

Joie de Vivre

The Jordanhill Strathspey

The Kangaroo Paw

The Kelloholm Jig (reprise x4)

Keppoch’s Rant x2

Kilkenny Castle x4

Kilmory Rant

The Kilt Maker

The Kingston Flyer

Kirsty Duncan's Remarks, 53rd Tartan Ball

The Kissing Bridge

Knot On A Ferry

Kynoch of Bucksburn

Ladies’ Fancy

Lady Dumfries

Lady Glasgow

Lady Susan Stewart's Reel

The Laird of Dumbiedyke's Favourite 

The  Laird Of Milton’s Daughter

The Lancers  (Crossover Lancers)

Last Exit to Soquel

Last of the Lairds x3

Le Papillon

Let‘s Meet Again (Butterfleld)

The Library of Birmingham

The Lincoln Imp (Erin Mills)

The Lincoln Imp

Linn of Dee

A London Celebration

The Lonesome Reel

Longfield Reel

The Love Spoon

Lt Zachary Hicks R.N.

The Luckenbooth Brooch

MacDonald of Sleat

Madge Wildflre's Strathspey

The Maids of Currie

Mairi’s Wedding x2, vocal

A Marriage Made In Dancing

Mary Branigan’s Delight

Mary’s Garden

Maxwell's Rant at Calvin’s 60th

Maxwell's Rant at St Clement‘s

The Mayflower : circle dance

McCulloch Strathspey

Medley of DAA Dances

The Melbourne Cup

Memory Lane

The Mentor

Mercat Cross

The Merchant City  Hillcrest dancers

The Mermaid's Choice

Michelle dePledge of Preston

The Micmac Rotary  (1987 Gala Day)

Midsummer Common

The Miller of Sessnie

The Minister on The Loch

The Minister on the Loch

The Minister On The Loch  2017 Zoomer Show

The Minnowburn

Miss Bennet's Jig at 2015 Tartan Ball

Miss Bennet's Jig practise

Miss Catherine Allan

Miss Catherine Allan

Miss Fiona MacRae of Conchra

Miss Gibson‘s Strathspey

Modestine’s Romp


Monymusk at 2015 Tartan Ball 

Mount Fuji (x2)

Mr Gallamore‘s Strathspey Trinity dancers

Mrs Hamilton of Eaglemount  Toronto’s 50th

Mrs Hamilton of Eaglemount DITP

Mrs MacLeod (reprise)

Mrs Milne of Kineff x2

Munro of Glengarry

The Music and The Dance

My Friend Joe

Napier‘s Index

Neil M Grant

Neil’s Reel

New Caledonia Jig

Newburgh Jig

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia (1987)

The  Nurseryman

Off She Goes

Oh Canada

The Old Man of Hoy

The Old Man of Storr

One Of The Best

One Step Forward (reprise)

Oriel Strathspey + Let's Have A Ceilidh

Orpington Caledonians

Out of Thin Air

Over The Water To Charlie [new way]

The Pair of Jeans

Peat Fire Flame (reprise x4)

The Peat Road

The Peat Road (reprise)

Peggy Spouse MBE

The Pensioner‘s Reel

Petronella (Youth Ball mischief)

The Piper & The Penguin

The Pleasure is Mine

Postie's Jig  at Youth Ball

Postie’s Jig  2016 Tartan Ball

Prince Rupert’s Fancy

The Princess Royal

The Punch Bowl

Queen Victoria

Queen's Welcome

Rakes of Glasgow

The Rakish Highlandman (reprise)

Red House (at Younger Hall)

Red House at the Tartan Ball

Red Nose Jig

Red Wine & Straight Lines

The Reel of the 51st Division  (10x 5 couples)

The Reel of the 51st Division 2014 Tartan Ball

The Reel of the 51st  (all male set)

Reel of the Gordon Highlanders (reprise)

Reel of the Pinehurst Eight

Reel of the Pinehurst Eight

Reel of Tulloch  (teaching demo]

Rest and Be Thankful 

Riddler’s Rant x2

Rodneys Rant at Tartan Ball

Rose of the North

Rosedale Demo at DITP

Rosedale Demo at Metropolitan United

Rosedale Medley at Gala Day 2016

Rosedale Middle Class at Commonwealth Ceilidh

Rosedale Teens at Commonwealth Ceilidh

Ross Meor

Round Reel of Eight

Royal Deeside Railway 

Royal Edinburgh

The Royal Patron 

The Royal Wedding

The Ruby Rant

The Sailor  (reprise x4)

Salute To The Borders

Sands of Morar

Sandy’s Scotch Broth

Sauchie Haugh x2

The Scholar’s Bus

The Scottish Accent Reel

The Scottish Lilt  (step dance)

Scottish Roulette

Seton's Ceilidh Band

She's A Fine Wee Lass

The Shepherd's Crook   Commonwealth Ceilidh

Shiftin' Bobbins (reprise)

Silver Tassie x4

Sir Barry Pipes

Sixty and Still Going Strong

Slytherin House

Smiling Lila

Smiling Lila (x10)

Society Piper

The Spirit of the Dance : reprise

Sprig ‘o Heather, A (step dance)

St Andrew‘s of Brampton

St Andrew’s of Brampton

St Andrews Fair (55th Tartan Ball)

St Andrews Fair x5

St Andrews Links

St Andrews Links

St Bernard's Waltz

St Clement's Medley: Honest Men & Bonnie Lasses + The Heid o' the Brae

St Columba's Reel

St Columba’s Strathspey

St John River 

St John River (a dance metaphor)

The St Kilda Jig 

Starlight at the Tartan Ball

A Starter For Ten

Sueno's Stone x3.5

Summer Wooing (2013 St Andrews SS)

Sunlit Square

The Swan & The Tay 

Tam O’Shanter

Tarry A While

Tarry A While

Tartan Ball Grand March + Two & Two

The Tartan Medley

The Tattie Bogle

The Scottish Lilt  (step dance @St Andrews)

The Thistle  (step dance)

Three Courtly Dances of the 17th Century

The Three Square Strathspey 

Tip Toe Jig  (in 7-couple set)

The Toronto Volunteers 

The Toronto Volunteers  x4

Travelling To America

Travelling Triangles x1

A Trip To Crinan

A Trip To Crinan  (at Tartan Ball)

Twa Rogueish E’en

Tweedbridge Court

Two and Two

Two Up, Two Down

Toronto Christmas Dance typical

Uncle Bill's Jig

The Village Maid   (step dance)

Virginia Reel

The Waratah Weaver at Youth Ball

The Waratah Weaver 

Waverley (Fergus McIver)

Wedderburn's Reel

The Wee Cooper’s Wife (Glenview)

Wee Reely Progressed

Well Done Jack

Where Friends Meet

The White Cockade  (reprise)

Wind on Loch Fyne (Rosedale practise)

Within a Mile o’ Edinburgh Toon x3

Woodglen Dancers, 1999

Yaezakura (cherry blossoms)

Youth Classes

The Zoologist

The Zoologist  (reprise)