D.A.A.   ~  Dancing Achievement Award  ~  What it’s about

The Dancing Achievement Awards involve a course of instruction developed by RSCDS for dancers interested in developing their personal dancing, working on their steps, transitions, phrasing, and covering. At the end, there will be an assessment of your skills.

The DAA is a chance to work with a course tutor and have personal critique of your dancing. DAA at the very advanced level is also a chance for those thinking of taking their RSCDS teaching qualification to have their dancing assessed in preparation for Unit 2.

The DAA is open to all levels of dancers as there are three different levels of assessment. The dances and formations set for each of the levels become progressively more difficult and more is expected of the candidate at each of the levels. We are hoping to run a course from January to April but need enough dancers who are interested. There would likely be six 2-hour sessions. At each level, there are 9 dances you have to memorize and be able to perform.

Working together with a team of dancers to perfect steps, formations, timing, phrasing and covering can be a really rewarding experience and it will really improve your dancing.

There is a cost for the course to cover expenses, plus a small cost to sit the assessment.

To learn more about Dancing Achievement Awards, visit:


Or, ask Moira Korus: moira.korus62@gmail.com


There is still time…

There is still time to sign up to do your DAA this Winter/Spring.
We have some interested dancers but we need at total of 6 to make the course viable. If you have any interest at all in doing the award, or want to find out more information, please contact Moira.korus62@gmail.com