Marketing Resources


Feel free to download resource files, customize if you can (or need to), and print at home, or order prints from a friendly neighbourhood printer (this is a good one).

Please download and print 2022-Dancing-in-the-Park-poster-strips.pdf, 3-up on a letter-size page. Divide the strips and post them around your neighbourhood.
Generally, you should ask permission.

Posting in Libraries:  Be Aware of this. . .

You must ask permission before placing bookmarks in your local library. When you ask, be sure to point to the note on the bookmark that says: “RSCDS Toronto is a non-profit cultural association”  You might add: there is no admission fee for Dancing in the Park.

Some libraries will permit non-profits to place adverts; some will not.  Their rules apply.

You can also download Dancing-in-the-Park-postcards.pdf. They are 4-up on a letter-size page, two pages, actually. Lots of choice.


Images for marketing

Feel free to download and use these images for any pamphlet or poster you may wish to make.

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