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The children’s group at Rosedale carries on a grand tradition, established by our founder, Professor Ronald Smith. Endearingly known as “Sanskrit Smith” Prof Smith taught East Asian Studies at UofT (and he was a wartime intelligence officer in that field at Bletchley Park). Professor Smith always, winter and summer, wore the kilt. By all accounts Dr Smith was a fine dancer, and a fine gentleman. He left a generous bequest to support Scottish country dance youth.

Moira Korus, leads Rosedale Youth and she brings joy and inspiration to dance class. Moira is accredited by the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society in Edinburgh, Scotland, having completed extensive training and adjudication. She has taught in St Andrews and in workshops across North America.

Gavin Keachie began dancing at Rosedale at age 4, and has grown up in Scottish country dance. As a teenager, he got a scholarship to attend Summer School at St Andrews and is now a fully certificated teacher of Scottish country dance. He’s working on his PhD, but he’s sometimes at Rosedale Saturday mornings to assist, and he sometimes leads the class.

Rosedale fees are a bargain. Dancing teaches cooperation, counting, multi-tasking, moving to music, and patterning.  It is energetic, fun, and the best bargain in the city. Family Classes cost $10 per family per week which includes the young improvers’ classes.  10+classes are also a bargain at $250 for the year from September to May, with an option to pay per term at $125 for September to December and $150 for January to May.

For more information contact Moira Korus at 

Family Class:  9:30am - 10:05  ~  This class is for youngsters 3-1/2 to 7yrs and their parent(s). The kids learn to listen to, and move with music, and work as a team while they learn basic dance steps and formations. There’s usually a lot of giggles, and the dancing can be somewhat chaotic — and fun!

Young Improvers Class: 9:15am - 10  ~  “Young improvers” are older children in the Family Class who are gaining confidence with steps and formations. They are joined by volunteer tweens & teens from the 10+ class and the older kids develop leadership skills as they help the wee ones.

10+ Class:  10:15am - 11:30 am  ~  This class is for ‘tweens and teens (up to 20 yrs). Teenagers are quick to pick up dances, and they thrive on challenge. That’s what they get in this class. They learn some just-for-fun dances but they also concentrate on intricate, performance-worthy dances. New friendships are formed, and leadership skills develop. Importantly, self-confidence flourishes. The teens often appear on stage in professional music productions and the audience is always thrilled to see grace and youth perform within a centuries-old tradition. As one of the Rosedale teens said, “Dancing is way more fun than watching TV!”

Accomplished teens are subsidized to attend the annual Toronto Workshop, and some attend formal events such as the Tartan Ball. Several Rosedale teens have travelled to Scotland to attend the Summer School in St Andrews.

Click MacLeod of Dunvegan to see a performance by the teens at a Children’s Festival.

To see a group of mixed-age kids dance for joy at the Youth Ball, click Postie’s Jig.

For more info, or to sign up, contact Moira Korus: 647.378-5753

We dance at Rosedale Presbyterian Church, 129 Mt Pleasant Road at South Drive <map>

Children’s Festival

This is the biggest bargain in children’s activities.

Our reasonable tuition fee includes weekly instruction, special party days, and attendance at annual festivals.

Runs September to May

At Rosedale Presbyterian Church, 129 Mount Pleasant Road at South Drive <map>

Starts Sept 9, 2023

Contact Moira Korus

Seniors: MacLeod of Dunvegan

Juniors:  Jig To The Music
dancing since 1956
New dancers always welcome
Sept to May; join anytime

Postie’s Jig at The Youth Ball

9 Sept ~ May 2024