Branch Award 2013


Robert Lockhart

This is the tenth anniversary of Rob Lockhart’s joining the Toronto Association.  And how his life has changed since then – in many significant ways.

    No sooner had he become a member, than he answered the call for a new webmaster.  Since then, Rob has maintained our website on a daily basis while continuing to update and revitalize it as needed, the latest major change happening recently.  He contributes to the written and visual content, layout, graphics as well as providing much of the relevant photography and video from his own portfolio.

    In 2006 Rob joined the Newsletter Committee, adding his skills of proofreading, layout and photography to the process. Still active within the committee, Rob also is responsible for the printing of Set & Link, our newsletter, and manages its distribution both in print and electronically.

    In the past few years, Rob worked many hours on the design, content and photography of several books published by the Association, including: The 50th Anniversary Book, and the following dance books - the Golden Ghillies dance book, Ann Campbell’s Who’s Who in Toronto,  and Carole Skinner’s Eternal Friendship.

    Rob currently is contributing his time on three recently formed Association Committees:  the Video Committee;  the Interim Marketing Committee, struck in response to our Strategic Planning Exercise last fall to develop and promote SCD in the GTA;  and the Introductory Class Information Committee. 

    His ability to take and edit photographs and videos of all sorts of dancing events is a talent he willing shares to enhance and enliven our message on the website, in the newsletter, on event flyers and on promotional brochures.   Dancing Scottish is fun!

    Rob continues to be the Toronto Association’s collector of all photo and video footage, creator of new flyers/pamphlets and provider of other computer/video/photography support.

    For the past 7 years, Rob has assisted at the Rosedale Children and Youth group on Saturday morning.  Among the many things he does there:

  1. Bulletdesigns, prints and posts promotional flyers,

  2. Bulletproduces year-end diplomas for the students,

  3. Bullettakes photos and videos,

  4. Bulletseeks out opportunities for the students to demonstrate their talents, manages the music

  5. Bulletand is the extra dancer when needed.

    When does he dance?  He helps at Teresa, his wife’s St. Clements group every Monday, being her music technology manager and advisor.

And he regularly dances at Hillcrest, Trinity, and Woodglen social groups, all monthly dances, the Tartan Ball and Dancing in the Park.

    Rob Lockhart is known by all the members of the Toronto Association as a quiet, but tireless contributor to the Association and the Society’s ideals.  All these contributions help to keep our organization vibrant and strong.  Not only does Rob do what needs to be done, he does it willingly, with brilliance and style and commitment to “get things done right.”  His enthusiasm, warmth and love of Scottish Country Dancing and other things Scottish are evident in everything he does and shares with us all.

    Rob’s efforts on behalf on the members of the Toronto Association for the last 10 years have been outstanding.  And it is with pleasure that I declare that Rob Lockhart is the very worthy recipient of the Toronto Association’s Branch Award for 2013.

~ Margaret Rieger, Chair, RSCDS Toronto Association