Very Important Persons


Scroll of Honour

Recipients nominated by Toronto:

1984    Bob Campbell
                (nominated by Toronto and TAC)

1992    Iain Macfarlane

1998    Bob Blackie

1999    Betty & David Grant

2000    Frances Gray

2004    Georgina Finlay

2005    John Christie

2007    May Macfarlane

2008    Jean Noble

2009    Isabelle MacPherson

2011    Jean Hamilton

2012    Carole Skinner

2013    Keith Bark

Related to Toronto:

1983    John Wevers  (nominated by TAC)

1994    George and Jean Douglas
                (nominated by Hamilton)

1997    Jim Stephen  (nominated by Florida North)

2004    Bobby Brown  (nominated by Kingston)

2005    Stan Hamilton  (nominated by London)

2005    Ruth Jappy  (nominated by Vancouver)

Branch Award

2007    Diane Lask <Citation>

2008    Gordon and Jean Hamilton

2009    Marjorie Coulter <Citation>

2010    Brenda Hurst <Citation>

2011    Carole Skinner <Citation>

2012    Jane Robinson  <Citation>

2012    Keith and Deirdre Bark <Citation>

2013    Robert Lockhart <Citation>

Volunteer Award

2006 <Citations>

Rod Nicoll

Chris Smithers

Cathie White

David Wilson

Ishbel Thomson

2007 <Citations>

Barry Pipes

Cathie Cunningham

Dianne Lask

Jean Hamilton

2008 <Citations>

Theresa Malek

Teresa Lockhart

Brenda Nunes

Isabelle MacPherson

2009 <Citations>

Arlene Koteff

Jean Quinn and Margaret McDougall

Lourdes Genosa

Marie Duncan

Robert Lockhart

2010 <Citations>

June Trevor

Norma Lumsden

Muriel Nicoll

Donald Holmes

Marion and Colin Gardiner

Volunteer Award

2011  <Citations>

Gary Maidlow

Marion White and Judy Williams

2012  <Citations>

Marjorie Mason

Josie Dale

Jess Houseley

2013  <Citations>

Paul Barber

Jennifer Bentley

Valerie Fisher

2014  <Citations>

Sue Ann Bryce

Bob McQuillan

Tony Szeto

Catherine Whitfield

2015  <Citations>

Stella Henderson

Evelyn & John Holmberg

Douglas Worling

2016  <Citations>

Carole Bell

Forbes Duncan

2017  <Citations>

Glenna MacDonald

May Ralston

Joan Wood