Volunteer Awards 2009


L-R:  Lourdes Genosa, Marie Duncan,  Jean Quinn, Rob Lockhart, Margaret McDougall, Jane Robinson, Arlene Koteff.

At the 2009 AGM, Chair Jane Robinson made Volunteer Awards to these happy people. Jane’s comments follow...

Marie Duncan

Marie has supported a huge number of events over the years. She has been on the nominating committee, workshop committee, volunteer committee, and monthly dance committee. She has also volunteered at the youth ball and all the other Children’s activities. When we have moved our monthly dance to The Toronto French School, Marie has single-handedly dealt with the food and drink. She is also on the Demo Team and is one of the most regular volunteers – for all over the GTA. She is a ticket seller non pareil for any group event. Marie is always cheerful and upbeat while doing all this. She is a wonderful ambassador for Scottish Country Dancing.

Lourdes Genosa

For many years Lourdes has taught Scottish Country Dancing to her students as a lunchtime activity. Over the last 2 years she has made the link to our activities, bringing groups to the Children’s Festival and Workshop. She has also involved the parents. This last resulted in a parent wanting Scottish Country Dancing at a community activity; the resulting demonstration and audience participation was a great success. She has kept an eye on our advertisements at the Y and has replenished the brochures and tear-off strips as needed. Lourdes always shows her enthusiasm, advertising SCD wherever she goes.

Arlene Koteff

Arlene has been dancing for several years at Bloorlea and also attends other groups, branch classes and monthly dances. She completely immersed herself in dancing, joining in the RSCDS Demonstration Team, and has been on both the West Toronto Ball committee and the Tartan Ball Committee, taking on various duties over the years. Arlene is always willing to assist with keeping the Bloorlea class up to date with what is happening, by either telephoning them or contacting them through email. With her outgoing personality and wonderful sense of humour, Arlene is a worthy recipient of this award.

Rob Lockhart

Rob Lockhart spends many hours working for the Toronto Association. He has been an invaluable member of the newsletter committee for the past 3 years, contributing articles, photographs, proofreading skills, and voicing measured opinions. Financially, the Association is very fortunate that he prints Set & Link himself. He uses his professional computer skills to ensure that the newsletter has a professional appearance which is a credit to the organization. He has devised and printed flyers to advertise many of our public events and prints the crib sheets for monthly dances. In addition to all this, he is always on hand to take photographs of events and to help in any other way he can. He is always willing to get us appropriate pictures from his collection whenever we need one to go with an article, etc. Rob spent great amounts of time on both The Anniversary Book and Golden Ghillies, offering suggestions and then getting the electronic version ready. As well, he spends many hours maintaining the Association website as webmaster. Closer to home, Rob provides inestimable support to his wife Teresa when she teaches at the St. Clement’s social group.

Jean Quinn and Margaret McDougall (respectively, Scarborough SCD Chair Person and Secretary Treasurer).

For the past 5 years, these 2 excellent ladies have very efficiently led the Scarborough Scottish Dance group. The tremendous amount of work they have so competently handled is amazing, starting with a pre-season meeting with the teacher and social conveners and continuing on to the hugely successful Xmas Dinner Dance, Burns Night Celebration, end of season party, plus several other occasions such as theatre or concert events. They have always kept up to date on Toronto Association news and have maintained contact with our many 'retired' dancers. In addition, they dance as many dances as they can fit into their busy evenings each Monday and always support Monthly Dances and Dancing in the Park.