Volunteer Awards 2006


L-R:  Chris Smithers,  Roddy Nicoll,  Cathie White,  Ian Paterson,  David Wilson.  Inset: Ishbel Thomson.

Immediately prior to the AGM on April 22, 2006, Association Chairman, Ian Paterson,
presented the inaugural Volunteer Awards to the following five outstanding volunteers:

Rod Nicoll for his ten years as chairman of the Scarborough group, help at Dancing in the Park,
as well as with the decorations at the Tartan and St. Andrew's Balls.

Chris Smithers for his help at Tayside , including a stint as treasurer, plus his help with the
Association financial reports and Finance Committee.

Cathie White for her help with regular and special events at Erin Mills, plus two years supervising
monthly dances, and sitting on the Association Executive.

David Wilson for his key role in organizing and running the Alliston group, instilling a sense of
warmth and fun there while actively supporting the volunteer work of others.

Ishbel Thomson for her support of the children at Whigmaleeries, even driving dancers when parents
cannot, working with her husband as treasurer and registrar of the West End Workshop and sometimes
even teaching at Bloorlea (Ishbel couldn’t attend on April 22, but received her award at a subsequent event).