Volunteer Awards 2007


L-R:  Chair Ian Paterson, Catherine Cunningham, Barry Pipes, Jean Hamilton, Dianne Lask.

At the 2007 AGM, Chair Ian Paterson made Volunteer Awards to these happy people. Ian’s comments follow...

Catherine Cunningham

Cathie served on the Branch Executive for a number of years, during which time she organized Children’s Gala Day. She took on the responsibility of archivist until recently, when the archives were relocated to York University. We hear from York that Cathie did a wonderful job of keeping our records straight and in excellent order.

Barry Pipes

Barry Pipes is a keen ambassador for RSCDS events and is very active within the Petronella group, organizing demonstrations for local activities. He is knowledgeable about many things Scottish which he shares with the Toronto Association members through Set & Link in a regular column.

Barry has single-handedly increased our membership by encouraging non-member dancers to join and forwarding their membership information. He has served on the Executive Committee, was actively involved with Dancing in the Park and was a member of other committees including Membership.

Jean Hamilton

Jean’s volunteer involvement in the organisation and as teacher at Erin Mills over the last twenty-five years is well known. She organized the Ceilidh Demonstration Group that entertained at various locations throughout the GTA. She worked with the committee for the Erin Mills Hogmanay dance for 25 years, was one of the group of teachers who started the West Toronto Workshop, and has been actively involved in the West Toronto Ball.

She has supported local musicians and invited out-of-town teachers to teach her Friday night class. She has supported all Branch/Association functions, taught Branch classes, served on the teachers’ panel, taught at out-of-town locations, and has been invited to prepare monthly dance programmes, including those for our 50th Anniversary year.

Dianne Lask

For many years Dianne volunteered on the Executive Committee and was a most diligent convenor of the Monthly Dance.

She is treasurer of the Fallingbrook SCD social group and participates in demonstrations for the Toronto Association. She volunteered for a couple of years at Eastminster levels 1 and 2 classes. Very regular and reliable in attendance, she danced when required if there were odd numbers in class and acted as Association liaison with level 2. Georgina Finlay reported how pleased she was with the proofreading Dianne did for Georgina’s crib sheets. She will likely recommend Dianne to the Teachers’ Panel to continue that work with the next program deviser.