Volunteer Awards 2010


Colin & Marian Gardiner

Colin has just completed a two-year term as convenor of the Tartan Ball and before that organized the Ball tickets for several years. Marion served on the Tartan Ball committee, noted for working alongside others and making things work, e.g. organizing food for the Chairman’s reception at the Ball.

Marion and Colin have also been active organizing in the West End. Colin is convenor of the West End Workshop and Marion is in charge of organizing the food. Lately she has offered her home to the WEW committee, teachers, musicians, and assorted friends that same evening.

Both Colin and Marion were involved with ASTA, which ran a Scottish Pavilion at Carassauga for many years — a gruelling weekend from set-up Friday to take-down late Sunday, and, in between, working in the kitchen, entertaining, etc. Marion now serves as contact for the ASTA social group.

Donald Holmes

Donald has been one of the most active members of the Newtonbrook Group, which recently celebrated its 40th anniversary. As well as participating in Association events throughout the year, he eagerly takes part in demonstrations involving neighbouring groups and he performed at the Roy Thomson Hall Seniors’ Jubilee.

Donald’s enthusiasm for Scottish Dancing extends to Highland dancing, which he has practised for a large (but unpublished) number of years. Such is his dedication that he has won most of the awards available in his classification. Since he shares a birthday with Robert Burns, requests for his appearances peak at this period — which usually ensures that quiet personal birthday celebrations must be arbitrarily rescheduled.

Off the floor, Donald writes and edits articles for Set&Link, and he was a major contributor to the Toronto Branch Silver Jubilee Book, and helped with the 50th book. As a member of the Newsletter Committee he vigorously fulfills his role as “The Great Chieftain o’the Blue-Pencilers’ Race”. Donald served on the 40th Anniversary Committee and was recently convenor of the highly successful 50th Anniversary celebration for the Toronto Association.

Norma Lumsden

Norma joined the Bloorlea Social Group in 2001. She brought with her enthusiasm, appreciation of music, and lovely footwork from her background as a student of dance. Norma tests the group regularly by selecting and teaching a dance that usually has some interesting or challenging formation. She has completed Units 1 & 2 of her teacher’s certificate and has gained practical teaching experience at Bloorlea, Humbercrest, and with Rosedale youth.

Norma is also a creative deviser of costumes – especially for Halloween dances.

Norma is an active member of the Demo Pool and has coordinated a number of demos. She is a member of the Youth, Special Events, and Outreach Committees. Norma voluntarily took on the task of contacting Toronto Business Improvement Area associations to promote SCD.

Her creativity and love of Scottish Country Dance have led her to devise dances for others: she created The Swansea Strathspey for Barbara Tayor in recognition of her contribution to the Level 3 Branch class as well as a dance in honour of Mari Thompson’s retirement and associated birthday this past September.

Norma attends many RSCDS functions including the Festival of Dance, Blue Jays Heritage Night, TAC, and the Orillia Scottish Festival to name a few. She does all of this without a car, travelling all over the city via public transit to attend meetings and events. 

Muriel Nicoll

Muriel is a long-time member of RSCDS Toronto and has been active in both the Scarborough and Petronella social groups. Within Petronella, Muriel is an ever-present member of the group’s Demo Team. She also maintains the team’s quite substantial female wardrobe, distributing special dancewear as required for Petronella’s demonstrations. Muriel has contributed greatly to Petronella’s demonstration success in York Region, and she performed in the annual Seniors’ Jubilee at Roy Thomson Hall. She can be counted on to organize tickets and tables for Petronella members at the Tartan Ball, West Toronto Ball, St. Andrew’s Ball, and the Scarborough Christmas Dance.

Muriel is a member of the RSCDS Toronto Demo Pool, and she is a valuable member of the Merchandise Committee. Overall, if there is something going on in the SCD world in the Toronto area, one can virtually guarantee that Muriel will be present.

June Trevor

June Trevor has contributed enormously to the enjoyment of dancing at Glenview over the past 13 years. She was a member of the Social Committee from 1996 to 2009 – the last two as Chair.

She is a resourceful and creative person who loves making things from “found” materials and can produce just about anything on her computer. On the occasion of Queen Elizabeth’s 80th birthday, June designed a congratulatory banner, duly signed by Glenview members and sent to Her Majesty. It was graciously acknowledged by Buckingham Palace.

June always turned up well before an event with boxes of decorations, tape, scissors, etc. to transform Lawrence Park Church into a special place to celebrate. Much thought and research went into Glenview’s Saints Nights with appropriate national food, flags, banners, flowers, books, etc.

Perhaps the pièce de resistance of June’s many creations was a model of Burns’ cottage, made with the help of her husband, Stan, and other Glenview members.

It is always a pleasure to work with June. Her kind and friendly manner encourages a co-operative atmosphere in preparing for the many social events that greatly add to the joy of dancing at Glenview.