Volunteer Awards 2018


Ken MacKinnon

Ken started dancing around 2002 with the Tayside Group, under the leadership of May Macfarlane, he also danced with Fallingbrook Group from 2007 to 2014, during that time period he served as the Treasurer and the Chair of the group.

He was member of the Nominating Committee from 2009-2014, and a member of the Volunteer Committee from 2013 to 2016. He has been a member of the Monthly Dance Committee since 2011, and has played a big part in running our dances.

He currently dances  with three groups, Scarborough, Hillcrest and Trinity, he also attends most of the Special Classes held at Broadlands.

Ken is a dedicated member, and supporter of the RSCDS Toronto Association and as such deserves recognition for all his volunteer work, with the presentation of a Volunteer Award.

Ken Adamson

Ken started dancing in 1998 at Branch Classes with Isabelle MacPherson, and soon was

dancing with the Calvin Social Group. He was involved with the Toronto Assembly Ball, run by the Calvin and Trinity Social Groups, he was the representative from Calvin.

For the past 10 years he has been part of the Toronto Demonstration Team, he not only dances, but often acts as the emcee.

He has been a member of the Nomination Committee, the Volunteer Committee, and is currently a member of the Monthly Dance Committee.

He dances at Glenview and Trinity, and is presently the chair of the Trinity Group.

He is a true ambassador of Scottish Country Dancing, he has danced in a number of countries in Europe, New Zealand, he then shares his experiences with us by writing articles in the Set & Link about these adventures.

Ken never misses a chance to promote Scottish Country Dancing and as such deserves to receive recognition with the presentation of a RSCDS Toronto Volunteer Award.

Christy & Bill Barber

Christy and Bill, among other contributions, have been whole hearted and dedicated volunteers for two of the most time-consuming events in the Association’s calendar – the Toronto Workshop and the Tartan Ball.

Both Christy and Bill have volunteered on the Toronto Workshop Committee since 2012 taking on various roles.  Christy has been the teacher /musician liaison, and assisted in the design of brochures, as well as the schedule notices and banners posted on the day.  Most notably, Christy has been a dedicated venue liaison for both site and catering services, initially with Bishop Strachan School, and for the 2016 Workshop, her research efforts identified and secured the wonderful Branksome Hall venue for a very successful Workshop.  Over the past years Bill has also contributed to the committee in many aspects including securing sound equipment, coordinating hosting requests and managing parking on the day of the Workshop. On numerous occasions, they have also opened their home for the gathering after the Workshop held to thank the teachers, musicians and committee volunteers.  The Association also acknowledges Christy for accepting the position of Workshop Convenor for the next 2 years.

Bill and Christy have also been key volunteers for the Tartan Ball since 2013 when Bill took on the position of Grand Marshall, making sure we all, including the Head Table, got to where we need to be throughout the evening.  Since 2014, Christy has supported, then managed with Bill, the decoration of the Concert Hall for this, the main event of our dance season.  They have coordinated the morning blitz to put up our regalia throughout the room and then with help of other volunteers grace each table with tartan table toppers and heather centre pieces donated by them in loving memory of Christy’s Mom and Dad, Betty and David Grant, who are well known by many in the Association. 

Christy and Bill were no strangers to Toronto’s Scottish country dancing scene over the years, but took up dancing in earnest with Vicky Zeltin’s Beginner Classes at St. Leonard’s in 2007 and have since supported and attended numerous Level 2 and 3 classes, attended TAC Summer School and have been to St Andrew’s Summer School.   They are dedicated members of the St. Clement’s Social Group and it’s rare that they miss a monthly dance! 

The Board would be delighted to acknowledge the enthusiastic and steadfast volunteerism that Christy and Bill Barber bring to the Scottish country dancing community in Toronto.