Volunteer Awards 2008


Teresa Lockhart

TERESA LOCKHART tirelessly supports all things related to SCD. She teaches an adult class and a children’s group, as well as dancing with and helping other groups. She is keen to learn about dances, their history and background.

She was instrumental in producing the 50th Anniversary Book. Her insistence on follow-up meant many people are represented who would otherwise not have been. She is single-handedly running the passport program with its enviable prizes. She edits Junior Jig, is involved on the Youth and Children’s Committees, and produces posters for advertising items.

She organized a special night at her St. Clement’s Group to compensate for the cancellation of the Beginners’ Monthly dance.

Theresa Malek

THERESA MALEK has worked on many Toronto Association committees, including the Workshop Committee for a number of years. She organized and was involved in the running of a number of the special events, such as the Festival of Dance and this year’s Talent Night. Using her artistic talents, she became the chief decorator for the Tartan Ball. She single-handedly took on producing, distributing, and selling the 50th Anniversary Cookbook. It was so successful that it is now being reprinted. She strongly supports all our activities and is always ready for the next project.

Isabelle MacPherson

ISABELLE MACPHERSON joined Calvin in 1957 when the Toronto Branch formed. She is an enthusiastic, diligent teacher who has taught Branch classes, lead workshops across Canada and the USA, tutored for teacher candidates, and served on the Branch Executive and TAC. To her neighbours, she is “the Saint of Belcourt” for always being ready to lend a hand.

Isabelle teaches at Calvin when a teacher is unable to attend and also teaches beginners. In 1996, she volunteered to teach the newly-formed Midtown SCD Group. Regardless of the weather, she is ready with her books, music, and refreshments loaded on her bundle buggy. Even when incapacitated by a broken ankle, she was present for the dancers.

She acquired material for the 50th Anniversary Book and assisted in selecting the winning dance in the dance competition. Her long, illustrious career continues!

Brenda Nunes

BRENDA NUNES enthusiastically promotes SCD and has the skills to do it. She is the Communications Committee media contact since May 2006. She is highly organized, meticulous with detail, and can be relied upon to complete tasks. Although unable to dance for the last couple of years, she eagerly volunteers to attend workshops and monthly dances to sell 50th Anniversary souvenirs and tends the brochure/donation table at Dancing In The Park.

Brenda exemplifies true volunteer spirit and has acted on Glenview committees: Member and Chair of the Programme Committee (5 years), Member and Chair of the Social Committee (6 years), and several stints as MC of the New Year Ceilidh and Annual Burns Dinner.